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I LOVE mums at school pick ups and drop offs!

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I LOVE mums at school pick ups and drop offs!

Post by Admin on Mon Dec 29, 2014 10:02 pm

For those of you with kids at school, you will know the power of mums at school pick up and drop offs...

They LOVE to talk, and guess what if you have just done their hair or spray tan and they go to pick up their kids, guess what the conversation is going to be..... 'We love you hair, eyelashes, tan.... where did you get it done?'

If you have done your job right and they like you guess how many new clients you will get from one mum, more than likely 3-4!

Another big thing that helps is reward your client for helping you with word of mouth by offering a discount next time they visit or a voucher for every client they refer onto you etc.... Works a treat! (well it does for me!)


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