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Tips to find out who is your target market

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Tips to find out who is your target market Empty Tips to find out who is your target market

Post by Admin on Sun Apr 19, 2015 5:13 pm

What is your target market?
- Its the kind of specific people you are targeting when you think about your marketing and advertising.

But can't i just target anyone who wants their hair or beauty needs met?


It doesn't work like that unfortunately.

Every customer wants something different, they have different needs and have different desires.

Tip #1 Work out what you have to offer.
- What services do you offer? Do you offer both hair & beauty? What are your prices like?  
- This can help determine first (or what you want to determine) how you fit into the market place.
- Are you a cheaper in price then other at home salons in your area, about the same or more?
- Do you specialise? in only a few things or offer alot of services?

Tip #2 Work out what kind of people would want what your offering and why?
- If you are priced on the cheaper scale in the market place, your market will be enticed by a cheaper price. Who are these people?
- Pensioners? Unemployed? Single mums? Young families? Students?

- If you are priced about the same in the market place, what makes you stand out from anyone else? Do you offer something others don't?
- Perhaps an espresso coffee? A longer head massage? An eyebrow wax with every leg wax? A complimentary eyelash wand with every full set of eyelash extensions?
- What kind of clients would want it? School mums? Families? students? SINK's (Single income No Kids), DINK's (Double Income No Kids), Retired? Baby Boomers? Gen Y? Neighbours? Men? Older women 40-50 with grown up kids?

- If you are priced on the higher end of the market place, why would clients want what you are offering?
- More experienced? Specialised? In Demand? Great service? Keep up with latest fashion?
- What kind of clients are you focusing on? Higher incomes? Gen Y who love latest trends? Corporate? Older women with grown up kids with money to spend?Business owners? Clients local? or who travel?

Tip #3 Where does your target market hang out or associate?
- Here are some ideas on where you could find different types of clients.
* Mums and families - Community centres, child cares, kindergartens, schools, Parks, sporting clubs, Play centres etc.
* Pensioners - Doctors surgery, community centres, nursing homes, RSL's, local pubs, Shopping centres on a Thursday etc.
* Students - Universities, Tafes, colleges, Student expos, Pubs & Taverns on a Tuesday night, public transport  venues, CBD etc etc.
* SINKS & DINKS - Clubs & pubs, networking events, restaurants, Racing events (Spring carnival), CBD, expos, Pet walking events (generally speaking these people have pets), beaches, Sporting clubs, Gyms and fitness centres etc etc
* Corporate - Similar to above.

Tip #4 Choose what your business would like to target and target your marketing accordingly.

-Now you know what group of people you would like to hone in on to be your target market, now thats not saying if some one wants to see you that is a SINK and your target market is families you turn them away of course. But it can help you taylor your marketing to attract the certain target market your chasing.

-You would need to know your target market in side and out, know what they want, what they need, what is a necessity to them and what is not necessary (eg, you generally wouldn't offer a pensioner a high end colour service or flare eyelash extensions as 1, they prob couldn't afford it and 2, its not a need for them).

- make your package deals to suit your target market and market them in places they hang out!

Have Fun
look out for  more marketing ideas and tips! xx


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